interior design tips in Indian Harbour Beach, FL

3 Ways to Add Color to a Space Without Painting in Indian Harbour Beach, FL

June 21, 2022

At times, taking up a painting project to renovate and add a pop of color to your house in Indian Harbour Beach, FL, might not fit your budget. Alternatively, you may be living in a rental property where you cannot repaint with your favorite color. Below are some interior design tips that can help add color to your space and make your home match your personality without painting.

Hang Colorful Artwork

Incorporating a bold, oversized piece of wall art is a great way to brighten your living room instantly. Moreover, oversized art can help create balance and symmetry in your room. Don’t see anything at the gallery that fits your style or budget?

You can simply make your personalized art by splashing your favorite colors on a pre-stretched canvas. Allow your family members or friends to participate in the process to make it more exciting.

We recommend that you choose colors that contrast with the wall color. If you prefer, hanging a colorful tapestry on the wall is another great idea.

House Plants

House plants help bring your space to life. They not only improve your indoor air quality, but they also add texture, color, and balance to your home. You can opt for leafy green plants or flowering plants with color on their leaves. If you spend less time at home, a snake plant is an excellent example of house plants that require less maintenance.

Remember, different plants are perfect for different rooms. For example, ferns are great for lower light environments. Therefore, they might be ideal for bathroom remodeling.

Dress Up the Floor

When decorating the house, people tend to concentrate more on the walls and furniture. In doing so, you might find that you forgot that your floor needs dressing too. A colorful rug is one way to add your personality to the room.

Are you planning to put up your property for sale? Maybe you’re simply looking to renovate your home to make it feel warm and inviting. Either way, contact Todd Thomas Home today for the best home improvement services at affordable prices.

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