Spring Color Trends in Rockledge, FL

5 Spring Color Trends for 2022 in Rockledge, FL

April 22, 2022

One of the most exciting ways to usher in spring in Rockledge, FL is to update the color palette of your home. It helps refresh and rejuvenate your space, just like spring does for the natural world. In this blog, we showcase five beautiful spring color trends you can use when decorating your home for spring.

1. Blush and Moss

Pinks and greens have long gotten paired together in home decorating, from kitchens and baths to bedrooms. Try swapping brighter shades for more muted pastels in order to bring some modern spring flair to a traditional color scheme.

2. Lavender and Mint

Springtime is great for the soft and feminine beauty of pastels. Lavender and mint aren’t two colors you’d think to pair together, but it’s a soothing look that just works: probably because the shades are opposites on the color wheel.

3. French Blue and White

These soft pastels are a beautiful pair for spring. Go all out and repaint your kitchen cupboards a soft, French blue with contrasting white countertops for a full refresh, or simply add pops of pastel blue to a room already featuring shades of white.

4. Beige

Striking effects come when using various shades of a single color, with beige being an excellent example to play with this spring. There are many ways to play with this color, from wooden and wicker furniture and decor to leather furniture and throw pillows.

5. Lime and White

If you’re needing something with brighter pops of colors than the typical pastel palette, try pairing straight white with a bright lime. This would make a cheerful and inspiring children’s bedroom or a great outdoor kitchen area.

Sprucing up your home for a new season makes everything feel fresh and new. Give us a call at Todd Thomas Home today, and we’ll be happy to help you set up an interior design appointment with our team of experts!

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