help conserve energy in Palm Bay, FL

Do Your Doors and Windows Help You Conserve Energy?

July 10, 2020

Between rising energy costs and nearly year-round heat, Palm Bay, FL residents pay some of the highest utility bills in the region. Slashing energy waste is a great way to keep costs under control, but it’s not always clear where to start. For many homes, new doors and windows can provide a serious efficiency boost without a huge investment.

Don’t Let Your Money Go out the Window

Are the windows in your home letting through more than just sunlight? Believe it or not, windows can be responsible for efficiency losses of up to 30% in the typical home. Older windows offer little insulation, allowing heat to easily enter or leave your home. Air leaks are also common, especially with wooden frames and windows that weren’t installed properly.

Shut the Door on Energy Leaks

As with windows, exterior doors are often significant sources of energy waste. Many homes have doors that aren’t properly insulated, resulting in major losses through the process of conduction. Older exterior doors also tend to be poorly sealed and may not comply with modern building codes. Patio doors and doors with large glass elements are often even less efficient, further contributing to your monthly energy bills.

Get the Most from New Doors and Windows

If inefficient doors and windows are compromising your home’s efficiency, it’s worth investing in a few simple upgrades. High-efficiency windows use quality framing materials and multiple glass panels to virtually eliminate common sources of energy waste. You can conserve even more energy by opting for a low-emissivity coating. Low-E glass minimizes the amount of solar energy passing into your home, helping to passively keep you cool and comfortable. Similarly, energy-efficient doors use improved core materials and tighter air seals to create a nearly impenetrable barrier.

Don’t let obsolete doors and windows make your home less comfortable and more expensive to heat and cool. With our affordable, industry-leading home improvement services, Todd Thomas Home can deliver the efficient comfort you deserve.

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